Rider Spotlight: Love at First Paddle

Rider Spotlight: Love at First paddle

We are thrilled to feature a rider that has only recently begun paddle boarding, but has nothing but great things to say about her first couple of experiences. Sara, born and raised in Palm Beach, grew up going to Juno Park and discovered PADL when we launched our station there in Juno Beach. Because downloading the PADL app is so quick, the rental process is affordable, and the fact our stations are strategically located for water access, Sara had no problem hopping on a paddle board for the first time. 


Adventuring through the intercoastal area of Juno Beach was a “therapeutic experience” for Sara given that she could stand above the different reefs she discovered so that she could take a closer look at our beautiful aquatic ecosystems. Being a native to the area, she gave us an insider detail that if you paddle south of Juno Park you will hit Phil Foster Park, known for their magnificent clear waters and unforgettable snorkeling experiences. How cool would it be to get a top-view of the reefs from your paddle board?

Not only has Sara rented a paddle board from our station in Juno Beach, but also Burt Reynolds Park located in Jupiter, FL. Comparing the experiences, she explained that Juno Beach had calmer waters and less waves and Burt Reynolds Park had more of a current so it felt like a more intense workout. Sara explains that the best time to paddle is the first high tide of the day in the early morning, because not only does it provide a peaceful paddling experience, but also a serene ambiance with the sunrise. When asked where her next PADL adventure would be located, she enthusiastically explained that she would be planning her next Florida vacation around where our other stations are located. Sara, you would LOVE St. Pete Beach! 


One of the things we’re most grateful for is that Sara said that she felt incredibly safe while paddle boarding, not only because of our GPS system tracking on the boards that link to the PADL app, but also because our boards are designed to help you easily balance yourself. We also have a tight band on the front of our boards to keep your life jacket and phone bag safe and sound throughout your ride. Overall we are thrilled to hear Sara’s perspective, because she is an incredible example of demonstrating how easy and fun the PADL experience is. Thank you so much Sara, we cannot wait to see you on another PADL board soon!


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