We all love taking adventures out to sea, but when choosing how we want to explore, we are usually faced with a common question – do I buy, or rent?

Why buy a paddleboard or kayak that is large, difficult to store and transport, and expensive to purchase and maintain when you can simply show up and have access? The #1 reason is the unreliability of that equipment being available for you to use.

Traditional rental operators are usually not open when you want to go, like around working hours, and charge astronomical rates catered to the travel market.

At PADL we seek to make paddlesports accessible and provide an alternative to ownership. We are open from sunrise to sunset, always following the hours of your favorite launch site and the PADL membership is like no other! Once your membership is active, you simply show up and ride, no additional billing, discounts for additional boards and more!


Here’s how it works:

1) In the PADL app, go to the plans section.

2) Select your preferred plan:

  • $30 for a monthly plan (requires 2 months paid upfront and regular monthly billing resumes on the third month)
  • $100 for the biannual plan billed every six months.

3) Ride for 2 hours per day every day at no additional charge on any single board!

4) Ride additional hours at a discounted rate of $15 per hour!

5) Rent additional boards at a discounted rate of $15 per hour!

Download the PADL app to get started!