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Stop paying by the hour and rent worry free when you sign up for the PADL membership. Our plans include 2 rentals hours per day on the first board, and discounts for additional boards and overtime hours at $10.00 per hour. All for just $24.99 per month or $99.99 every 6 months! Sign up in the PADL app today.

Tours & Lessons

Book a PADL-Approved Guide for a Private Paddle Board Tour or Lesson!

PADL offers private tours and lessons from our stations in South Florida.  

We can accommodate groups of up to nine riders. 

Includes equipment rental and up to two hours on the water.

$80 for the first rider, $60/rider thereafter.

… Or Join a PADL Meetup Group

PADL also arranges complimentary paddle sessions from many of our stations. Each of these informal sessions is hosted by a PADL-approved guide.  You can bring your own board (BYOB) or kayak, or rent a paddle board from the PADL station.  See links below for a PADL Meetup group near you!

Check us out @RIDEPADL