Camp and Paddle in North Florida


When most people think of Florida, and paddleboarding, they think of coastlines, beaches and saltwater, but this park has a whole lot more to offer! Camp Chowenwaw is a magical place located in Green Cove Springs within Clay County, FL just outside of Jacksonville.

From the second we pulled in, a little late just after sunset, we began so see tons of wildlife. Bats, a fox, the list goes on, and it immediately felt like an adventure. Upon checking into the cabin, we noticed how incredibly clean it was and made the stay enjoyable.

Early morning, we woke up ready to get out on the water! We packed up, and started walking to the PADL station when we were greeted by a pair of owls, luckily we were able to get some shots! If you take a look at the image on the left you can see the 2 owls on the branch, and then one of them flying off in the second shot.

Once prepped, we rented a couple boards and walked down to the water. It was like nothing else! The launch is in a freshwater cove just off the St Johns River covered in lily pads. Definitely not your standard beach for a paddle sesh. We explored Black Creek just around the corner of the launch and honestly had one of the best days of my life. It was an all around adventure and can’t wait to explore what’s around the other PADL stations!

About Camp Chowenwaw:

Our station in Camp Chowenwaw is located on a site managed as a conservation, historic preservation, and an outdoor recreation area! Camp Chowenwaw (Cho’-wen-waw), is a beautiful 150-acre recreation site on Black Creek, located in Green Cove Springs near its confluence with the St. Johns River.  The park offers camping, event facilities, hiking, fishing, kayak access, volleyball court, picnic areas, seasonal pool, museum, nature center, and a playground.

In 2006, Clay County purchased the camp from the Girl Scouts of the Gateway Council with assistance from Florida Communities Trust using Florida Forever funds. The camp is now managed to preserve its historical and natural resources while offering recreational opportunities.

The Girl Scout Council of Duval County operated the site as a camp for over 70 years beginning in 1933.  Camp Chowenwaw played an important role in the lives of three generations of young women in Northeast Florida.



To book a cabin or for more information visit https://www.claycountygov.com/community/parks-and-recreation/camp-chowenwaw-park

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