# Reasons Why You Should Be Paddle Boarding With PADL

Reasons Why You Should Be Paddle Boarding With PADL

By Iggy Mox

PADL was created as a solution to the solve the problems we face when trying to get out on the water and go paddle boarding. If your jaw has ever dropped from expensive prices, if you’ve had to wait in line just to fill out paperwork, or if you simply just don’t get out boarding as much as you’d like to – you will know what I mean! Here are the top three reasons why you should ditch traditional SUP rentals & get on a PADL instead.

Reason #1 Best prices in the market

At $15/hour, PADL pricing blows traditional rentals out of the water, by over 50%! There is simply no one else offering SUP rentals even near this price point. Imagine this – you can enjoy 3 hours out on a PADL, for what you would pay for 1 single hour from a traditional shop.

PADL’s mission is to make it easy & accessible for everyone to get out and paddle. But how are they able to offer these prices? The answer is through their mobile-operated stations & rental platform, that eliminates the need for staff and storage space at the locations. In short, their model allows for you, the rider, to get the best possible price (and not have any of that overhead baked into your hourly rental rate).

There are a few ways you can make the most of the pricing packages PADL offers:

  1. Rent by hour, and know you are getting the best rate out there, at $25/hour
  2. Become a PADL Member – pay $30/month & have access to unlimited rentals
  3. Beat the system – pay $100/6 months (pretty much get’s you 4 months out of the year free !) and watch your PADL skills transform

Reason #2 Easy & Convenient – finally!

A rack with Paddleboards, ready to be rented with your phone, sitting steps away from your local beach or lake – how much easier could it get?! From the rental experience on the App to scouting and launching the best locations for PADL stations, ease and convenience are at the center of everything PADL is trying to accomplish.

The days of lugging boards from home, onto the car, and down to the water (and getting it scratched along the way) are over. Who wants to spend thousands of dollars on a paddleboard, only to realize you will barely put it to use because of the hassle of getting it to the water? Enter PADL – download the App, unlock a board via Bluetooth on your phone, and launch onto the water just steps away.

Stations are popping up in all the best places to experience paddle boarding. But do not be fooled- PADL researches, tests, and only commits to launch zones that are 1) convenient to their riders, and 2) promises to provide epic paddle adventures. That means you will be steps away from the water, and you can be sure your ride will have the PADL seal of approval.

Have an awesome spot you think would make a great home for PADL Station? Reach us at sales@padl.co & let us know!

Reason #3 Top of the Line Equipment

PADL boards strike the perfect balance of light-weight/easy to carry & a stable/secure boards. Made in the USA, they have been tested and selected as an all around winning board for all experience levels. Their positioning on the racks make them easy to pop off and carry over to the launching zone. Once on the water, you’ll have your PADL-provided life vest & an ankle leash for safety.

The coolest feature on PADL boards is their built-in GPS that traces and tracks your rides and saves them to your App. Here is where you can share your distances paddled, and challenge your friends to keep up!

Click here to find your nearest PADL station & join our community!

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