Key Biscayne Paddle Board Tour with the Rising Sun

PADL-approved guide takes a group off the coast for a morning paddle board tour.

PADL-approved guide Parker Lake took out a group of three riders for a paddle board tour from Key Biscayne Ocean Park.  The morning tour kicked off at 7AM with some simple paddle board instruction. The three riders all had different levels of experience: one was a complete beginner; one had paddled once before and one was an intermediate-level paddler.  Despite the skill level differences, the tour went smoothly with Parker darting back and forth to keep all three paddlers in range of each other. 

During the paddle board tour, the group saw a water spout tornado off in the distance and paddled with a rainbow towering over the western sky as the sun rose over the Atlantic to the east.    

Paddle board touring on the Atlantic is a different animal than paddling inland.  You have to deal with ocean swell (small waves which were each about two feet high during this paddle board tour), as well as wind and currents which act differently at sea than they do on rivers, lakes or the Intercoastal. 

The session lasted exactly an hour-and-a-half and ended with the paddlers eager to head back out on the water again sometime in the next week! 

Here are pictures from the day: 

Looking to get on the water near you? PADL offers complimentary paddle board tours and paddle board lessons from our stations in Miami, Palm Beach, St. Pete’s Beach / Tampa, Orlando and Clay County.  To join us, check out your local PADL Meetup group and check for the next event in your area!  

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