Meet The Team🏄‍♂️

Meet The Team🏄‍♂️

Andrés Avello:


Co-Founder and CEO, Andrés Avello embodies the adventurous, fun-loving spirit of PADL. Born and raised in Key Biscayne, FL, Avello grew up on the ocean, and he, along with his best friends Felipe Jauregui and Khalil Khouri, created PADL to offer an easier, fun way to provide access to paddleboarding and the water as a whole. Whether he is focusing on growing the business, launching new locations, speaking with customers, fundraising or engineering, Avello is constantly brainstorming to improve the rental process for all. His favorite part about paddleboarding is that it is an activity designed for everyone. Whether you want to fish for tarpon, spot a dolphin under your feet, practice yoga or explore mangroves, you will have an unforgettable experience unlike any other. Out of all 22 stations, he would have to pick East Greynolds Park as his favorite where you get the perfect combination of paddling next to a skyline or floating down the calm Oleta River surrounded by mangroves. You will always find him in his PADL hat, but when he isn’t on the clock you will find him fishing, camping and enjoying the fresh air with his family. 


Felipe Jauregui:

Born and raised in Miami, Felipe Jauregui is one of the Co-Founders and COO of PADL. Taking care of daily/long term operations, procuring new products, and designing new station launch strategies, you will always find Jauregui working passionately and with a smile. When asked about his motivation, he said that his favorite part about PADL is that he launched the company with his best friends. Besides paddleboarding, one of Jauregui’s lifelong hobbies has been fishing, but will soak in any outdoor activity such as golfing, snow skiing and traveling. One of his favorite places to paddle is in St. Pete Beach, where four PADL stations are currently launched. If you’re a morning person, however, try to catch him on his sunrise paddleboard rides in his hometown station of Key Biscayne with his dog, Moxie!  


Khalil Khouri:


Khalil Khouri, Co-Founder and CPO of PADL, is the mastermind behind our elite paddleboard technology. As a robotics engineer, Khouri works on all the products and software, consistently implementing feedback and improvements to make the paddleboard rental process easier and faster by the day. You will also ALWAYS see him at our station launches working hard and jumping for joy (We’re not lying, check out our instagram @ridepadl to see it😉). As a Miami native, he comes to work each day knowing that he is working to provide an easy and healthy way for people to get out on the water. Khouri’s favorite PADL station would have to be Key Biscayne because the ride to the lighthouse is beautiful! He also loves our station in Deering Point because of the shallow flats near the mangroves with plenty of wildlife. When Khouri is not paddleboarding, catch him snorkeling or bird watching. 

Jose Lorido:

Curious, motivating and optimistic, Jose Lorido handles all matters relating to Growth and Expansion for PADL. When not speaking with municipalities and potential partners, Lorido is always offering a helping hand anywhere, especially to the marketing and engineering teams. His fantastic brainstorming stems from his passion of building an innovative product, being our paddleboards and PADL rental app, that people are always excited and passionate about. Being from Miami, FL, Lorido enjoys any activity that keeps you moving such as golf, tennis, skiing, diving and spearfishing. When he wants moments of calm waters and serenity, you can find him at his favorite PADL station at Camp Chowenwaw Park!


Parker Lake:


Parker Lake dominates any body of water he finds, which is why he is our talented Head of Tours here at PADL. Surrounded by beautiful waters since childhood, Lake was born in Puerto Rico of Dutch West Indian parents and raised in California. Working with both our new and long-time riders, Lake manages all of our guided tours and lessons programs from our growing network of stations. It is always a pleasure to see pictures and hear what a great time everyone has with him on a weekend tour/lesson day! When asked about his love for paddleboarding, he says “it’s a way to connect at an intimate level with nature, whether it’s with the flora and fauna of the aquatic world or the waves and water itself.” While Lake enjoys what every PADL station has to offer, he confirms that the Selina Gold Dust station in Miami’s Upper East Side is his favorite because you can enjoy the Little River, Biscayne Bay and numerous bay islands all at once. He also loves the night tours at this station because it is a perfect blend of urban and natural environments. When Lake doesn’t have a paddle in hand, you can find him spending time with family, swimming and snowboarding.


Mauricio Herrera:


Born in Colombia, Mauricio Herrera is our PADL wizard working as our Operations Manager. Whether it is setting up our stations, ensuring all stations are consistently working to maximum efficiency, and providing excellent customer service, Herrera is a reliable, key component of our PADL team. His favorite part about PADL is helping make paddleboarding accessible and available for everyone. Given that it is a sport everyone can enjoy in their own way, Herrera has greatly helped our expansion throughout Florida to grow our PADL gang and provide paddleboarding opportunities to hundreds of riders! His favorite station would have to be our Jupiter location, because it was the first station he serviced. Outside of PADL, Herrera loves kayaking and rollerblading. 


Isabella Benson

Isabella Benson drives her love for living an active lifestyle and the water into PADL as a Marketing Associate. Whether she is creating content for social media, engaging with our riders, organizing events with influencers, designing ad materials, or ideating ways to channel engagement, Benson works with an excited and passionate heart. While she is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, you will most often find her on any body of water paddleboarding, boating, swimming, water skiing, or traveling (specifically to any beach she can find!). Her favorite part about PADL is hearing about riders’ fantastic experiences and how excited they are to find that paddleboarding can be such a fun, unique and easy way to stay active. Her favorite station is Deering Point Park in Miami due to its peaceful waters and exclusive view of the Deering Estate from the water!   


Daniella Cornide:



Daniella Cornide is our powerhouse Marketing Intern from Miami, FL. Helping with content creation, editing photos from our 22 stations, designing newsletters and ad campaigns, Cornide brings the PADL experience to life. Her favorite part about PADL is the team, for she loves the inspiring and hardworking PADL fam dynamic. Her favorite station would have to be at the Fiesta Key Resort due to the magnificent waters and aquatic life right at her fingertips. Whether she’s paddleboarding, snorkeling, working out, creating graphic designs, or spending time with friends and family, Cornide exudes sunshine to everyone and everything she does!

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