PADL Rider Spotlight: Alvaro Ortega of Jibby Coffee | Rent Paddle boards Daily: The Man that Rented a PADL board everyday for a Month

Be Intentional: The Man who Rented a PADL Board Every Day for a Month


Alvaro approaching the Cape Florida Lighthouse at Key Biscayne in Miami!

We have many riders that rent paddle boards one to two times per week, but this rider in particular accomplished an amazing goal of paddle boarding every single day for a month Alvaro Ortega, Co-Founder of Jibby Coffee, strives in his business and personal life to live happily and healthy. When his gym was under construction, Ortega was seeking a new workout that was productive and exciting💥After using our PADL boards a couple of times, he got a membership, learned how to paddle with proper form, and fell in love with the workout💙.

Ortega doesn’t only think about his paddle board rental sessions as a workout, however. He explains, “I love the exercise but it also allows me to be connected to the ocean and my childhood. I can disconnect and realize the amazing beauty that is around me”🌎. Renting a paddle board at our PADL Key Biscayne location on a calm day, Ortega was able to see a stingray, three needle fish and a bird that swallowed a six-inch fish!🐠 He also embraces the natural weather conditions. Even if it’s windy or wavy, he enjoys the fact that his paddle board sessions are endurance training💪.

One of the biggest motivating thoughts Ortega had throughout his challenge to paddle every day for a month was that in order to live a healthy lifestyle, he wants to be intentional with the decisions he makes🙏 While it is really important for him to eat healthy, another huge factor for him is exercise because it makes him feel balanced, focused and energized🔥 Ortega talks about how his decision to get a PADL membership contributed to these intentions as well. He enjoys the fact that he is “logical about where [he] spends his money, renting paddle boards more convenient, and [he] saving so much more money than having a board”💫.


Along with his Jibby endeavors, Alvaro is a huge proponent in keeping our beaches and environment clean.

After hearing Ortega’s story, we can definitely say that we are inspired to be more active, intentional and intuitive with our mind and bodies󰙭. Also, check out his company, Jibby Coffee, that creates a unique blend of Colombian coffee and American-grown, hemp-derived CBD from sustainable processes☕️. Not only does Ortega strive to feel good, but he has created a company that helps others to feel the same. We can’t wait to see you accomplish more of your paddle and life goals, Alvaro 💙!

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