Lobster Fishing from your Paddle Board 🏄🏻‍♂️🦞🎣

Lobster fishing is a blast, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like fresh lobster? Diving for lobster is also an absolute blast, allowing you to experience the underwater world while catching some of the finest seafood available. If you use PADL self-service paddle board rentals, you may want to go lobstering from your paddle board on your next trip. Let’s take a look and the benefits of lobstering from a SUP (stand-up paddle board) and why you should probably start doing it.

Ease of Access

Paddle boards make lobster diving easy for anyone, especially for those who don’t have a boat. You can get on the water from anywhere, and walk straight off of the beach to the water, and away you go. You don’t need to worry about gas or any of the other concerns associated with boats. Plus you can carry light, taking only the necessities.

Lobster Awaits

Lobstering from a SUP allows you to get out to the reefs and deeper holes to find those big lobster hangouts. In addition to typical water safety gear such as a life vest, a whistle and a communication device, let’s take a look at some of the gear you can bring along with you on your paddle board to help you be successful while lobster fishing from a SUP.

● Snorkeling gear

● A dive flag

● Tickle stick

● Gloves

● Extra-long/Extended leash

Entering a Different World

Being on a SUP on the ocean is an amazing experience. Unlike a boat, you are right at the water level, giving you a much more intense experience, and diving for lobster is no different. Diving for lobster is simply amazing, putting you in the underwater world so experiencing it in a way you simply can’t by any other means. Schools of fish, interesting species, the ocean is teeming with life of all shapes, colors, and sizes for you to experience while you hunt for that lobster dinner. Every dive down brings something new, either a catch, or an experience, and in some cases the experiences really do outweigh the catch.

Know the Rules

Be sure to know the regulations in the area you are in. Lobsters have size limitations, and must be a certain size in order to keep. There are also regulations for the amount of lobster you keep. It’s every anglers responsibility to have the proper license and know the regulations to ensure healthy and sustainable fisheries. It’s best to “know before you go”. If you have plans to lobster from a PADL station in the State of Florida you can get more information on licensing and regulations from the Florida Fish and Wildlife website which you can access here.

So Happy SUP Lobstering

Lobstering as well as fishing for other species is becoming increasingly popular in recent years for good reason. Like mentioned above, ease of access and simplicity is one of the greatest advantages in using an SUP. With very little hassle, a couple minutes of preparing and setting up and you’re on the water. Not only is it easy to use and set up, it’s also great exercise as you paddle to different spots.

PADL makes self-service stations to rent standup paddle boards. Each station has four boards, four paddles, life vests and our riders use the PADL mobile app to unlock their paddle board and enjoy their time on the water. We also offer tours and lessons from our stations through our PADL-approved guides program. Ready to hit the water with us?  Download the PADL app for iOS or Android and check out our locations to find a local station near you!

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