Paddle Boarding in Style

Paddle Boarding in Style 😎

What’s up PADL pals? Many of you have been asking us what is the most appropriate attire to wear while paddleboarding. Honestly, it depends on the weather, type of paddleboarding activity you’re doing, and your own vibe!🤙 Nonetheless, we are here to save the day as we have curated a variety of outfits and styles to hopefully inspire you to rent and paddle in style 🤙


  • Safety First!

As always, it is of the utmost importance that you are paddle boarding with a life jacket in hand. Luckily, PADL supplies a lifejacket onto each of our boards, so if you’re riding with us, no worries!🦺 If you are looking to purchase your own life jacket, here are some great ones we have found:


Body Glove Women’s Dual-Size Evoprene PFD, Life Jacket, (Female, Small/Medium, Blue) – $34.98


O’Brien Men’s Biolite Traditional Life Jacket – $69.99


Bass Pro Shops Ski/Recreational Life Jacket for Youth – 50-90 lbs. (Aqua) – $18.99


Also, don’t forget to attach the paddleboard leash to your ankle that is attached to the SUP boards when you are out on the water! You never know when you might accidentally take a splash 💦


  • Casual Beach Day

You do not need any special type of water gear in order to hop on one of our boards🏄. Any type of swimsuit works great!🩳 There are swimsuits that are better suited for being active on the water, however. If possible, purchase a swimsuit that prevents friction and allows freedom of movement, like some below👙:  

Women (include cover ups):  

Palm Conscious Crop Bikini Top A-C (Olive) -$69


Sol Searcher Maui Rider Bikini Bottoms (Acid Pink) – $39.95

Ekouaer 2 pieces Women Beach Sarongs Sheer Cover Ups Chiffon Bikini Wrap Skirt for Swimwear



Men’s All-Adventure Swim Shorts, 7’’ –$69.95

Men’s UA Storm Shorebreak 2-in-1 Board Shorts –$60

  • Sun Protection + Rash Guards

If it’s an extra hot, sunny day, you might want to protect your skin from those heavy UV rays!☀️ Numerous long-sleeve bathing suits are not only made with stretchy, breathable material but they also protect against rashes while paddleboarding🔥. Check out some here:

PADL Signature Long Sleeve Sun Shirt:

PADL Signature Long Sleeve Sun Shirt


Pacifica Illume UPF Fitted Top – $79


Men’s Tulum Long Sleeve Surf Rash Guard UPF 50+ –$65

  • Active Wear

  Some of you may want to get in the zone in your own active gear when working out on a SUP board, which is perfectly awesome! Whether you are doing yoga or paddling to reach a certain mileage and time, here are some recommendations of active wear that is water resistant and safe from salt water! 🧘‍♀🧘‍♂️


Peak Bra (White) – $58

Drawstring Contrast 2-in-1 Shorts (Blue Spruce) –$22.95


Men’s UA Velocity Short Sleeve – $13.97

Men’s Breeze Short – 8’’ – $68

  • Wetsuits

Our Florida natives might not have this problem, but depending on wind speed, sensitivity to the cold, level of activity and air temperature, a wetsuit may want to be considered💦. 

Wetsuits come in various thicknesses, which can be chosen based on water temperature. Here are a few examples of how thick your wetsuit should be according to water temperature:

>72℉ → Wetsuit Thickness N/A (Rashguard recommended)

65℉ – 75℉ → 0.5mm – 2/1 mm thickness (Top and Shorts recommended)

62℉ – 68℉ → 2 mm – 3/2 mm (Full Suit Recommended)


3/2mm Prologue Back Zip Wetsuit –$109.95


Sport Shorty, Men 2mm –$122.00


  • Watersport Shoes

We know a lot of riders that enjoy paddleboarding with wet shoes because it provides them more stability and balance, as well as protecting their feet from any potential pain from standing on a paddleboard for too long💥 They are also great to wear if you are paddling in shallow waters to protect your feet from sharp objects and aquatic life!🐠 When searching for your perfect pair of watersport shoes, be sure to purchase a pair that has great ventilation and will drain water quickly. Here are some options below!


Women’s Everyday (100% Waterproof, Lightweight, Breathable Knit) – $135



Men Barefoot Water Shoes, Beach Aqua Socks Quick Dry for Outdoor Sport, Hiking, Swimming, Surfing –$28.88

  • Hats

Ride in style, but also protect your face from the sun! There are so many to choose from, which is why we’ve provided you with numerous options:

PADL Hats: Wear what the founders wear!🏝 Our hats are breathable, waterproof and perfect to rep our water sport rental company. Check out the variety of options we have below!

Founder’s Hat 

PADL Classic Seafoam Green Trucker 

PADL Classic White Trucker 

Sun Hats: There are many sun hats also available that provide maximum coverage and are made with wires to have the ability to bend the hat to shade your face accordingly!🌞 Here are some stylish options we found:


Holiday Sun Hat UPF50+ -$55


Horizon Breeze Brimmer Hat – $40

  • Sunscreen

Did you know that you get more sun while paddleboarding than if you were just laying out on the beach? That is because the water absorbs light, making UV rays much stronger offshore! It is important to protect your skin from these harsh rays as it causes sunburn, wrinkles, aging and elasticity. 

SuperGoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 -$20-$36

It is important to find a sunscreen☀️ that is reef-safe and eco-friendly. Harsh chemicals from these lotions can harm oceans, lakes and beaches as it can kill coral reefs, harm aquatic life, and damage water quality🦀. Depending on what type of protection your skin needs, it might not be possible to find a 100% reef-safe sunscreen. If possible though, it is best to use sun protection without Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. Here are some of the top recommended options🐳:

Sheer Perfection Mineral Body Sunscreen SPF 50 (Tiare & Vanilla Scent Cosmos Natural) –$28

SunBum Browning Lotion –$15.99

  • Waterproof Bag

In order to complete your gear for a paddleboarding adventure, be sure to bring a waterproof bag for your phone, keys, wallet and any other valuables that you might want to keep with you. Many bags, specifically for SUP boards are also floatable and come in bright colors💛🧡 so there is minimal chance of losing them if it might fall off your board. There are also different bags with strap options, depending on whether you want the bag attached to you or whether you want it tied to the front of your board. Here are some of our favorites!

Yeti Sidekick Dry Gear Case –$50

Booe Waterproof Belt Bag –$79.99

At the end of the day, choose what makes YOU feel comfortable on your paddleboarding adventure🏄‍♂️ We hope to have provided you with some options and ideas to make your paddleboard adventure more comfortable, protective, and even stylish!😎 We would love to see any other recommendations you might have for what to wear while out on the water. What is your favorite color to wear on a bright sunny day? What is your signature style while out in the sun?

Rent. Ride. Rule.


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