When you think of paddleboarding, what do you imagine?💡  Here at PADL we want to expand your mind to the wide range of adventures you can have while renting one of our SUP paddleboards📱Try one of these ten ideas next time you get out on the water!🏄‍♂️

  1. Fishing🐠
    1. Who would’ve thought that a paddleboard could give you such close access to the wide range of aquatic life in an ocean or lake?🦀 If you want to catch tarpon, snappers or seatrout, definitely try it out on one of our sturdy, balanced boards.
  • Picnic on the Water🧺
    • Pack your cooler with sandwiches, chips and chocolate-covered strawberries🍓 …and hop on one of our paddleboards with a loved one. You will surely have an unforgettable date!
      • Pro Tip: Check out the PADL Mag Weekly Series to get weekly weather updates, including water current and wind reports! You will want to make sure you picnic on a calm day🤙
  • Extreme Workout💪
  • Snorkeling🤿
    • Many of our PADL stations by the ocean throughout Florida have access to incredible snorkeling spots where you can see colorful coral reefs, unique aquatic life and crystal clear waters. Let us know what you find!🐬
  • Pong🍻
    • Renting one of our PADL boards doesn’t mean it just has to be for one person. Snag a paddleboard, a few solo cups, and a ping pong ball to have a blast with your friends🎉
  • Tan😎
    • Did you know that you tan much better on the water due to UV rays reflecting back onto your skin?🌞 Let’s do it comfy by lying in calm, shallow waters on one of our paddleboards. Don’t forget to lather up for protection!
  • Yoga🧘‍♀️
    • A calm breeze, the sound of small waves lapping at the shore, and the smell of fresh saltwater is the perfect ambiance for rejuvenation and relaxation. Performing meditation or yoga on a paddleboard will provide you with enormous amounts of physical and mental strength as you find balance with natural aquatic beauty.
  • Paddle to a Sandbar🏝
    • Make a day out of your paddleboard rental experience and paddle to a sandbar with your family and friends! Rumor has it that our new stations in St. Pete Beach has access to a few in the Tampa area.
  • Watch the Sunrise or Sunset🌅
    • Watching the sun rise and set creates optimal energy and productivity levels. Try it on a paddleboard where you can experience the most unforgettable views and start or end your day off with peace.
  1. Take your dog out for a paddleboard ride!🐶
    1. If your dog loves to swim, give your little guy an adventure on one of our paddleboards. Don’t forget the lifejacket!
      1. PS: Check out some of our riders’ dogs on our paddleboards at our PADL instagram @ridepadl 📸 They are the cutest!

Have any more ideas? Drop them in the comments below.

#PADLOut ✌️

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